Monday 31 August 2015

My Home Gardening - Vegetables 自耕自煮 (蔬菜篇)

I grow my vegetables on our roof terrace - a small area with abundant sunlight. This is where I grow all the edibles. And they are all organic....

1. Arugula Rockets

Arugula Rockets - I used French Arugula seeds. They were rather expensive (I paid SGD 9.90 for a small packet) but well worth the value. It took 5 weeks from seedling to  its first harvest. Almost 100% of the seeds sprouted but 15% succumbed to the continuous rainy days few weeks ago. They were too young and weak to withstand the continuous downpour. The surviving ones are ever blooming now. The more I trim and harvest, the better they seem to grow. I am seeing many more rounds of harvests before I exhaust them. 

It is essential to fertilize with organic fertilizers every 7 to 10 days from beginning. 

I used them as toppings for my Grilled Salmon Pizza. The peppery taste was excellent. I could taste its freshness in between my teeth....

2. Wild Rockets

Wild Rockets seem more beaten by Singapore's hot and humid climate in comparison to Arugula Rockets. It took much longer from seedling to harvest. I almost thought I lost the whole batch. The success rate from seedling to sprouting was about 50%. As I prefer Wild Rockets for salads & greens, I am still insistent to keep this on my list. 
Tough as they may be, my Wild Rocket leaves are still beautifully shaped. That is satisfying.

3. Eggplant

I cannot be happier with this eggplant. It has been flowering and fruiting continuously. I do give it a "flowering & fruiting" spa mist (spray fertilizer) on a weekly basis though.

This is a plant that need support assistance. I cable tie each main stem with a standing pole to let it thrive. Otherwise, they may not bear much fruits.

Eggplant needs excessive watering and very efficient drainage from the pot. I water it twice a day in hot weathers. These drooping leaves were in process of 'reviving' after my second round of watering today.

I am in the process of planting and seedling other local vegetables. I will share their photos when the crops are ready for some shots.


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