About Me

My family and I grow, live and work in huzzling buzzling Singapore - a busy city with variety of food choices within door steps. With such conveniences, eating-out seems to become a way of life.  Who wants to cook when you can just buy?

I was too busy with my career and had neglected the simple beauty and benefits of home cooking/baking until I was diagnosed with borderline stage 2/stage 3 cancer in June 2012. I went through 1.5 year of surgery, chemo and radio treatments.  Although I continued to work during my treatments, I had to retire from the corporate world 2 years later. The very heavy responsibility and stress had taken a toll on me. I was a GM in a public listed company then. I learnt to slow down and appreciate some finer things in life. Few years on, although I am still receiving ongoing treatments, I now run my own business at my own comfortable pace. I can work from home most of the time.

I avoid frequent eating-out due to my medical condition.  Home cooking and baking become essential. Whilst I do not indulge in retail organic foods, I do make use of many herbs, spices and vegetables harvested from my own home gardening when I cook. 

In August 2013, my husband and I adopted a 4-year old street dog from Mutts & Mittens.  Her name is Betty. She is our bundle of joy. I am not blessed with children due to my illness. Betty is our kid. Since then, I have one more mouth to feed and to cook/bake for. I do not feed her kibbles. I cook fresh food for her every meal. Once in a while, I may include some recipes for Betty's meals and treats amidst our human dishes.  

I grew up in a traditional Chinese home with no oven - not even a microwave or toast oven! My mother only believe in open fire cooking. Needless to say, this old-school housewife would not allow me to go near her cooking area. I had no chance to pick up any cooking skills from her. This is why I insist on well equipped kitchens for my own homes - childhood deprival I guess. I did not really start home cooking until after my illness. I still have lots to learn from other food veterans.

I must admit I love cooking more than I like baking. However, I see both as an art that I have grown to love with passion.  My husband suggested that I create this blog to document recipes and share with like-mindedness novices like myself.  Yet, I do not think I am a blogger. I do not 'blog' regularly. I merely use this space to document recipes that I'd like to keep for my family and friends when I am gone some day. I become more patient through cooking, baking, food decorating and absolutely enjoy the preparation and sharing processes. I sincerely hope that you can enjoy from my sharing. 

I'll be happy to hear from you! For any possible opportunities and collaborations on products, editorials, advertorials, media invitations, partnership etc, please email me at : saymykitchen@gmail.com. Thank you!


Photo Updated October 2017
P.S. - This is a recordings of food that I prepare out of love for my family. You may be disappointed if you are looking for extravagant dishes. Many of my dishes are simpler than simple and 100% home cooked!  

I alternate between my handphone and my very old Sony hybrid DSLR cum Point-and-Shoot camera for my food photography. Unless very necessary, I try not to edit my photos. A little light adjustments at most. 

I do not have a helper. I personally shop, prep, cook/bake, wash up and photograph everything that I share here.  And Yes! We eat up every single dish after photo takings! Pardon me if the photo qualities do not turn out to be so fantastic sometimes. It can be very challenging to be cooking, documenting and taking photographs on your own concurrently (especially with a greedy furkid 'supervising' you by the side 😅).

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