Monday 14 September 2015

Preparing Pre-made Sambal Paste for Future Use

Do this if you do not intend to blend the various fresh spices on your own. To me, this method makes more sense as I do not cook spicy dishes all the time. It is not only convenient, it is also very budget friendly! 

Buying fresh pre-made sambal mix from traditional spice stalls in wet market is easy. These stalls sell pre-made spices mix for various cooking methods (e.g. curry chicken, seafood, vegetables etc). Just tell the stall owner what you intend to cook and they would recommend you the appropriate stuffs. For instance, it costs me only a dollar to buy a packet of fresh sambal seafood mixed spices.

This is typically how the fresh mixed spices look like from the traditional spice stalls. All wrapped in a plastic sheet. This bundle would allow me to cook many dishes for a while. Of course, you do not use the fresh mixes spices as it need to further process it to store for future use.
Heat cooking oil in skillet/wok, add lemon grass and stir fry the sambal mix thoroughly on the same day you make the purchase. Afterwhich,  you may store the fried sambal paste in a container. Chill (not freeze) in the refrigerator for future use. This sambal paste would come handy for cooking spicy dishes. If you do not intend to fry the paste on the same day, store the fresh spice mix in a freezer until you are ready to deal with it.


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