Saturday, 26 September 2015

DIY Matcha Green Tea Snowskin Mooncakes 绿茶冰皮月饼

The steps to DIY-ing Matcha Green Tea Snowskin Mooncakes (DIY绿茶冰皮月饼) are almost similar to my previous Easy Homemade Snowskin Mooncakes except for the matcha green tea portion. I am creating this separate post to avoid confusions. 

This Matcha Green Tea Snowskin edition is also unique to our family as this is the first time we are making mooncakes with salted egg yolks to give away. It is really not difficult....

Ingredients (yield about 26 pieces mini-sized mooncakes on a 50 gm round  mould) : 
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  • +/- 300 gm green tea flavour lotus paste (subject to weight of salted egg yolks)
  • 150 gm fried glutinous rice flour 糕粉
  • 140 gm icing sugar
  • 100 gm shortening
  • 2 tsp green tea matcha powder 
  • 120 ml ice water
  • 50 ml hot water
  • 26 salted egg yolks

(tsp = teaspoon; tbsp = tablespoon)    

Tip : The key to dislodging an almost perfect snowskin mooncake from the mould is to brush your palms and the skin dough with fried glutinous rice flour (糕粉) before the moulding process so that the dough would not be overly sticky and start warping in shape.

Method :

Add 50 ml hot water and 2 tsp green tea matcha powder in a bowl and stir to mix. Set aside to cool down.
After cooling, add 120 ml cold water to blend. 
Sieve 150 gm fried glutinous rice flour 糕粉 and 140 gm icing sugar into a big bowl. Fold in green tea mixture slowly. Use fingers to knead in the green colour. Food colouring is not necessary as matcha powder would give the dough a natural green.
Rub in 100 gm shortening bit by bit till dough turns soft and green colour evenly distributed. Do not over knead.
Wrap dough in cling wrap and chill in refrigerator for 20 minutes.
While waiting for dough to chill, prepare salted egg yolks by cooking them in oven, microwave oven or steamer. 
Determine proportions : 20gm skin, 30 gm fillings works fine for a 50 gm mould.  You may tweak the proportions in accordance to your personal preference. Weigh each salted egg yolk. If the yolk weighs 20 gm, then the lotus paste ball would be 30 gm minus 20 gm = 10 gm. After deciding on size of green tea filling, roll them into 26 balls. Flatten each ball in between palms and wrap salted egg yolk into it.
Knead lightly to close up the fillings with salted egg yolk inside.
Roll into perfect ball shapes (salted egg yolk inside and green tea lotus pastes outside).
Remove skin dough from refrigerator after 20 minutes. Divide them into dough balls of 20 gm each. Flatten each dough ball in between palms and wrap the fillings (green tea lotus pastes + salted egg yolk). Roll them back into nicely shaped balls with palms. Always prepare one bowl of fried glutinous rice flour 糕粉 by the side so that you could dust on flour to help with the kneading and shaping when dough gets sticky. 
Insert final dough ball (that has fillings inside) into mould and dislodge. The end product would be a nicely shaped snowskin mooncake with imprint.
If you are unhappy with the imprint or shape of a mooncake, lightly roll it into a ball again and re-mould.

Matcha Green Tea Snowskin Mooncakes 绿茶冰皮月饼 have been vastly accepted and likened by many nowadays. They seem less sweet in comparison to many other flavours. I am glad we made them!


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