Tuesday 4 February 2014

My Home Kitchen : Singapore

My family and I spend most of our time in Singapore.  We grow, live and work here.  

This open concept kitchen with a breakfast island is where I cook and bake.  It is not a huge kitchen, but serves well to inspire the creation of many dishes - asian to western.

Since I will be whipping up various dishes primarily from this place, I thought I could let you catch a glimpse of my home ground.

I believe in a neat and well equipped kitchen.  To me, keeping it tidy and freshly smelt is just the way to go. Otherwise, I do not feel motivated to prepare my food.  Yes... call me OCD!  To certain extent... I admit I am one. 

My open concept kitchen.  
I simply adore the marble work top.  It provides a perfect platform to work.  

My 'weapons' - Kitchen Aid Mixer and Bosch Food Processor

Equipped with Bosch oven, hob & hood and the ever reliable Bosch 2-door refrigerator (c/w built-in ice-maker).  I have another smaller Samsung refrigerator at my basement utility area.... talking about storage space for the ingredients!
I do not advocate the use of microwave oven.  Sometimes, it is just inevitable.
Open fire is just necessary in preparing some dishes.  As I only have electric stoves in my kitchen, I have to rely on my 2 x Outdoor BBQ pits at times. 


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