Friday 28 February 2014

Eco-Friendly Method to Clean Stainless Steel Pots

I use electric stoves. My tendencies to 'ON' the wrong stove often leave me oblivious of the burning heat underneath the pot or pan (that I usually place on top of the stoves) as I cannot see the physical burning fire. The resulting burnt-on stains can be a pain, especially so if the pots are in stainless steel!

I use a simple method to redress.

Accidental burnt stains in my stainless steel pot. This was already after many rounds of scrubbing with dish detergent, yet without noticeable improvement.
Fill the stained pot with water and boil it.
Squeeze in fresh lemon juice + add lemon slices into water and let them boil. I'll add some salt if the stains are more stubborn. Leave everything in the pot overnight after water boils.
I would not insist that this method cleans the pot perfectly, but the stains were visibly reduced after the first round. I was taught to repeat the procedure few times if I want better results.

Such a simple method using natural resources. Easy. Eco-friendly.