Wednesday 16 March 2016

DIY Concentrated Pandan Juice 自制香兰精

Off-the-shelf pandan paste is one convenient option for baking purposes. However, many bakers prefer using homemade ones, especially for baking Pandan Chiffon Cakes. Nothing beats the natural fragrance! This DIY Concentrated Pandan Juice 自制香兰精 is one essential ingredient for making pandan flavors sweets. Really easy!


Use a bunch of mature pandan leaves for better and stronger pandan fragrance.

Rinse and wash clean all pandan leaves. 

Cut pandan leaves to small bits. Otherwise, it would be difficult to extract sufficient pandan juice from the blender. And.....this would be kinder to your blender too.

Blend pandan leaves with half to one cup of water (depending on how much pandan leaves you have). 

 Blending ends when pandan leaves are all mashed.

 Sieve the mashed pandan leaves few times to extract pandan juice.

Do not be surprised that a whole bunch of pandan leaves may just yield a small portion of pandan juice. 

Bottle the juice in refrigerator for a day. If there is excess water content, you would see a significant difference in the container. The dark green color content sinking at the bottom of the container is the real pandan extract. Pour away the excess water atop.

This DIY Concentrated Pandan Juice 自制香兰精 can be kept in the refrigerator for about 2 weeks. You know that it is expiring when the paste starts emitting rotten leaves smell. Therefore, make good use of your DIY Concentrated Pandan Juice 自制香兰精 to make all sorts of pandan flavor bakes such as cakes, custards, cookies while it is fresh and good.


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